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Thoughts of a Stoic

When I have interesting thoughts or hear bits of wisdom I write them down here, so they are not lost

On Lazy Colleagues

Do not despise colleagues that are lazy or difficult to work with. If you are passionate about your work and you are hard working, then try to realize that you are lucky to be that way, and if others are not, then realize your life could be worse, you could be unmotivated and lazy as they may be.

Being Controlled by Emotions

Some humans are slaves to their emotions, constantly letting them control them, others have learned to hide them. I choose to use them as information and tools, and nothing more. They are there to serve a purpose, but when they are not serving a beneficial purpose it is important to let them go.
People may feel that I am dishonest when I feel anger but do not show it. But it would only be dishonest if I felt it and hid it; instead I release it and choose a different mood.

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