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Mike McKinnon

Fantasy and science fiction have always held Mike in their enchanting embrace, providing a canvas to explore profound philosophical questions that often elude other mediums. A devoted admirer of the works of storytelling giants like Tolkien, David Eddings, R. A. Salvatore, Robert Jordan, and the visionary George Lucas, Mike’s narrative prowess gravitates towards epic fantasy and thrilling adventures.

Mike has been an avid reader and consumer of stories from a young age. He had a habit of spinning tales for anyone willing to lend an ear and writing them when they would not. He spent many years involved in different forms of music and experimenting with drawing, but his passion for arts is most pronounced in his twenty-five years of semi-professional dance.

Surprisingly, Mike spent his career in IT and business management, but the pull of storytelling remained constant, and he eventually returned to his genuine passion of storytelling. After working on many short stories in his free time, he finally took the time off to complete his debut novel and begin his series.

His first novel, “The Bandor Child,” stands as the inaugural instalment of an expansive series chronicling the Bandor-Mage war and the pivotal events that unfold during the third era.

Mike lives with his wife in the captivating city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, nestled alongside a majestic river valley and just a short drive away from the awe-inspiring Canadian Rocky Mountains. As a proud father of two children, he often finds himself reading to them or telling them stories he makes up on the spot in ever expanding fantastical universes. His deep connection with nature and the great outdoors, as well as his innate fascination with human history, fuels his creativity and provides the perfect backdrop for his boundless storytelling spirit.

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